Training and installation

Whatever the size of the company, DISTRILOG analyzes its environment and its needs in order to provide an appropriate response. A team of trainers is permanently available to facilitate the installation of DISTRILOG tools and a better understanding of their operation.
The trainers and project leaders travel to the premises of the companies in order to train the entrepreneurs on their data, using concrete cases and working methods. A way to respond effectively to the needs of each activity.

Hotline and assistance

The service is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


  • Detailed needs analysis
  • IT hardware audit
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Detailed technical and financial proposals



While booting

  • Hardware upgrade and installation
  • Software installation
  • Staff training
  • Assistance in setting up, entering, retrieving data and getting started
  • European and international installation network

After sales

  • Helpline
  • Continuing education
  • Remote troubleshooting (remote maintenance)
  • Provision of changes and modifications by teletransmission

Hardware Maintenance


The DISTRILOG After-Sales Service will repair the equipment (PC or terminal) as soon as possible. Productivity is thus optimized.

Maintenance contract

NEW: DISTRILOG offers the implementation of maintenance contracts for portable terminals. These annual contracts include support for parts and labor in the event of return to the workshop.
No activity is interrupted, and the maintenance costs are not surprising.


Outsourcing of IT services

DISTRILOG offers many solutions to facilitate IT management for companies:

  • Server administration
  • Data processing
  • Control of your remote access
  • Backups
  • Installation of workstations

Software hosting

The servers are hosted by OVH in Roubaix and Strasbourg, this server is equipped with a raid 5 system allowing hot disk exchange, data backup is performed every day on the same server and another is made every night on a remote server on a second secure site. This system was designed to allow the remote backup server to come and interrogate the operating server several times a night to retrieve the backup, it is this backup server that drives the request in order to prevent a possible failure of the server by exploitation.

The backup server keeps:

  • 7 daily backups, it records the 8 th on the 1 st
  • 12 monthly backups, it records the 13 th on the 1 st
  • 1 annual backup kept for 10 years

DISTRILOG has several operating servers on different OVH sites, each server retaining the capacity necessary to host the databases of a failed server.
The changeover time on the standby machine is 4 hours.
It should be noted that during each of the rare interruptions that we have experienced, only the back office no longer worked, leaving operations on the ground operational thanks to mobility.

OVH provides server availability services:

  • Availability rate (SLA) 99.8%
  • Maximum intervention time (GTI) 1h00
  • Maximum recovery time (GTR) GTI + 2h00

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